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Milligan's Island Fleet

We have a few Mopars & Thunderjets that handle the transportation chores here on the island.

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'71 Challenger

I picked up this car a while ago. It was an infrequent weekend cruiser while I figured out what to do with it. It was originally a stripped 6 cylinder 3 speed car that was put into service as a drag racer (I found weld marks for the role bar and the frame connectors are still in place). After it's track time it was converted back to street duty. Disaster struck in September of 2004 when my garage was flooded and the car destroyed. I also lost parts I have collected since highschool.

I still have the carcass in storage but the project is on hold as I collect parts for the restoration. If you have something interesting that is not on my list, contact me any way. I buy all kinds of car stuff.

If you are interested in Challengers, Mopars, or cars in general, check out Mopedia, Virtual Garage, and Obsolete Automobile Rescue League.



Here is a small sample of some of the slot cars I like to run. Nothing eases the stress of a long day at the rotten stinking day job like running an old tjet for a few laps.

My old Stratus, Challenger, and my father's Dakota