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73 Challenger Parts Car

Time for some advice. Last year I bought a parts car that I have yet to strip. It is an original '73 Challenger 340 with rallye package and air. I really hate the idea of parting this car, but it is rusty. We are talking trunk floors, rear of the frame rails, outer wheel housings, and driver floor rusty. I planned on pulling the 340 and air for my '71. But this parts car is a numbers matching 340 car so I feel bad about chopping it up.

If you are interested in Challengers, Mopars, or cars in general, check out Mopedia, Virtual Garage, and Obsolete Automobile Rescue League.

Here is the break down on the fender tag:

Now this is not that rare of a car, but I think it was a sinister ride in it's day. All black with no stripes or vinyl top, kind of like my old GLH with the stripes removed.

I know this is a big project (larger than I want to take on) but with e body prices being what they are this could end up only a slightly money losing proposition. So, if it was your car would you:

  1. Strip it and be done with it.
  2. Restore it back to stock.
  3. Restore it but add the manual transmission it should have been ordered with.