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Milligan's Island Fleet

We have a few Mopars & Thunderjets that handle the transportation chores here on the island.

'02 Sebring | '98 Stratus | '90 Shadow | '89 Dakota | '87 Dakota | '85 Omni | '68 Charger

'02 Sebring

This car was my wife's daily driver. We sold it to the neighbor so we still see it a lot. It has the 2.7L and automatic. Expensive for what it is, but with 0% financing and a disappearing top, this car puts me in a good mood.

We now have 110K on the Sebring with only routine maintenance. It still drives as well as it did when new and averages 26 mpg. The only repetitive problem has been the wiring for the rear window defroster. The solder joint breaks every couple years.

I'm not sure how much longer we will hang on to it but every time we take it to the drive in I'm glad we bought it.


'98 Stratus

This car was my daily driver. It had the 2.0L and 5 speed that was also used in Neons. While this car could have used more power and better brakes, the ride, handling, and fuel economy were perfect for a commuter car. Too bad it was junk. Glad it is gone.


'90 Shadow

Most reliable car I ever owned. I'm still searching for pictures.


'89 Dakota

Great truck. Junk transmission. It took two hard hits, the second one destroyed it. Wish I still had it. Pictures coming soon.


'87 Dakota

This truck was my daily driver in '94 when an errant Ford Bronco totaled my '89 Dakota LE 4X4. This truck had a 2.2L 4 cylinder and a 5 speed. Not exactly up to towing, but a good errand runner. After a while it became just a Saturday truck. I used it for work around the house and loaned it out for light hauling to just about everyone I know. I sold it in the spring of '02. I hear it is no longer running. Too bad, this was a great truck.


'85 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo

Fast and fun. It took a beating from an errant deer and was never the same again.


'68 Dodge Charger

My first car. A total beater but I loved it. I wish I could find it today.

My old Stratus, Challenger, and my father's Dakota