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Milligan's Island Pets

It took a long time to let out my inner dog person. I always wanted a dog but didn't want the work of taking care of one. My wife finally talked me into it in the fall of 2005 and we adopted Buck. Turns out she was right. Buck and I bonded as if in a Disney movie.

After a while, my wife thought that Buck was lonely and needed companionship because he slept all afternoon. What that means is that she wanted a puppy. I figured that she was right before so we adopted Beatrice. Turns out dogs are just lazy and now we have two dogs napping all afternoon. Ah well, they're cheaper than kids.

Beatrice | Buck


We adopted Beatrice because she refused to be corralled by her last family's hidden fence. She wouldn't respond to her name so we tried a few different ones until we found one she liked. She is still a puppy but a bit older than what my wife was looking for. Training her will be interesting.

Voyager, blessed, happy bringer of joy? We'll see...



My wife wanted a puppy so we started visiting shelters. When we visited the Frederick, MD animal shelter there was only one puppy and a small child wanted it. I looked at adult dogs while my wife contemplated whether the kid would cry if she didn't get the puppy. I found Buck locked in a cage next to the meanest dog I ever saw. The look he gave me said, "Get me out of here, that guy is crazy!" We took him home the following night.

Buck turned out to be a well behaved dog and a good companion. He had a good understanding of basic obedience and walking on a leash. We took him to Berkeley County K9 School for Dogs to get him a bit sharper.

Buck has a traveling bone and loves to go hiking and riding in the truck. I started documenting our travels along the C&O Canal towpath.